Mr. Bigglesworth & Dr. Evil

Mayday Mayday! Dr. Evil and his beloved pet crash landed on an island somewhere in the South Pacific after their first attempt of landing on the moon. They woke up realizing that because of their hasty escape in a cryogenic capsule - the right ball of the rocket - that all of their hair had fallen out rendering them permanently hairless.

They woke up also realizing that it’s summer 2021 and their use of laser beams to destroy major cities on earth turning it into a Death Star is no longer a viable solution.

They still want to go to the moon, and they still want to hold the world’s leaders hostage but they need something better than laser beams. They needed to find someone they trust to update them with the current state of the new world: Mini-Me! It turns out Mini-Me is well and alive and now one of the most respected cryptographers in the world.

100 Million BIGGLES

Together, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me plan another trip to the moon dubbed Death Star 2 using Mini-Me’s hard earned cryptos. Their ransom: they want the world leaders to come together to buy and hold a unique token they created to honor the original pet who attempted to land on the moon: Mr. Bigglesworth.

"Move over Doge, Shiba, Inu, comes the original meme token of a pet who actually took a trip to the moon in 1997!!! Mr. Bigglesworth (BIGGLES)"

BIGGLES is a simple BSC meme token with 2 features: buyback of 5% and initial burn of 20%. There’s a 3% fee to the team working on pressuring world leaders to pay ransom.



Total Supply




Buyback and Burn




Death Star 2 Map

  • Family Reunion Party of Dr. Evil and Mini-Me and their pets - Scott Evil not invited
  • Plan on how to make the world pay ransom
  • Come up with a number that’s appropriate for the ransom
  • Threaten all world leaders with a website
  • Make waves and put pressure on world leaders with multiple listings everywhere
  • Promote games, awards to engage the community and put more pressure on world leaders to deliver on they promise to buy and hold
  • 2000, 5000, 10000, and 20000 telegram members
  • 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10000 holders
  • Engage with CEX for potential listings
  • Merchandise of Mr. Bigglesworth
  • Market cap of 2 MUSD, 10 MUSD, 50 MUSD and…..100 million dollars!